Bangkok: A City of Contrasts

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Visitors to Thailand often choose the capital city of Bangkok to begin their visit. This is a modern megacity with over 10 million people in permanent residence. While the Thais have chosen to update their capital city, they have kept the older sections of Bangkok in use. Each visitor has a choice of new or old in any facet of their visit to this city.

Visitors will find luxurious modern hotels and restaurants when they step off their international flight. A taste of traditional lodging can be found in the older section of the city in the hostels and private cottages for rent. Many visitors to Thailand dream about small shops with handmade goods. Those can be found in the older trade and shopping districts of the city. For those that prefer modern malls, Bangkok is host to the largest mall in all of Asia. Modern business buildings shape the skyline of Bangkok, while the Royal Palace and thousands of ancient temples are just a boat ride up or down the river. This is just the beginning of the many contrasts visitors will find in this fascinating country.