Jungle Safari Tours

Many people visit Thailand for its magnificent collection of temples and ruins. While these ancient sites are often interesting, some people seek the adventure of jungle tours and safaris. Thailand has a wide range of these tours available in boats or while riding elephants. Unlike other countries where the animals are kept in cages, the animals here are part of the natural environment. Southern Thailand is one of the best areas to take jungle safaris for visitors that seek adventure.

Because it borders on tropical waters, crocodiles find southern Thailand an excellent home. Much of the area is sparsely inhabited by people. Crocodiles like the warm water and abundant wildlife. A jungle safari through the southern sections of Thailand often runs across these ancient creatures. They prefer to sun themselves while waiting for unsuspecting food to land nearby. While tourists are not first on the list of edibles, it is important to heed guides when told to stay out of the water. Crocodiles are very fast when hunting and will attack almost anything that strays into their territory.

Jaguars are beautiful cats that are constantly on the prowl for easy prey. They make their living by hunting smaller animals residing in the jungle. These elegant and fast moving creatures have long been a fixture in the untamed areas of Thailand. While people are larger prey than they usually hunt, it is best to keep at least one eye open for them to avoid being that day’s meal.

Many jungle tours are booked through local resorts in the area. These resorts feature all the modern amenities a guest might want after a long day avoiding being eaten by the wildlife. Nearly every resort offers Thai massage as part of the guest services. While traditional Thai massage is more invigorating than Western and Chinese massage, it offers the participant a chance to relax tense muscles after a long day in the jungle.